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Astraline Callsafe

Astraline Callsafe

About this provider

Astraline callsafe is a not-for-profit provider of personal alarm services, with over 10 years' experience of providing 24/7 responsive support to the elderly and those in need. As part of "Johnnie" Johnson Housing Trust, we are committed to providing community led solutions and any profits we do make, go straight back into the communities we serve.

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Astra House Spinners Lane Poynton SK12 1GA

0845 2170721



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Tony, Poynton

well done callsafe!"
My in-laws are both 90 and, although we visit them regularly, it is nice to have the back up of callsafe when we are away. On one occasion we attended an outdoor concert where our phones had to be switched off. Unfortunately, during her regular evening bath my mother-in-law slipped and hurt herself. My father-in-law was unable to help her out so he immediately pressed his alarm button and contacted callsafe who called the emergency services when they were unable to get hold of us. An ambulance arrived and fortunately she was ok, although a little shaken. We were oblivious to the situation until we switched our phones back on and received a message from callsafe. We were then a little panicked, but callsafe had taken care of the situation and everything was ok in the end. Knowing callsafe are there when we aren't is a big relief to us.

Mrs Howe, Stockport

This has saved his life more than once
Without Astraline callsafe, my Dad wouldn't be here today. When Dad has called Astraline callsafe, as they know his medical details, they have been able to action the correct response immediately. This has saved his life more than once. They have never let us down and, as a family, we can continue with our daily routines knowing that Dad is safe, secure and enjoying his own familiar routines, staying independent in his own home. I would recommend Astraline callsafe to anyone who needs to have access to assistance 24 hours a day. They are amazing.

Mrs Foster, Halifax

I was really impressed
Thank you for the help I received when I fell last week. I was really impressed with how Astraline callsafe handled the incident. Please pass my comments onto the team who helped me.

Mr McMullen, Bury

A huge thank you
A huge thank you to Astraline callsafe. My mother was distressed and having a sudden angina attack in the early hours of the morning. They were fantastic. They reassured her until the paramedics and I arrived. She is now back home and I am so grateful to Astraline callsafe.

callsafe customer

callsafe helped me
At 1.30am I was wide awake downstairs when I decided to look for something I wanted. I accidentally pressed callsafe. The answer was prompt. They rang twice as I did not get to the phone first time. Very nice person on the phone and laughingly told me to get into bed to sleep

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