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Kokomo Healthcare

Kokomo Healthcare

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At Lively we want our children to treasure their grandparents, and we want to be assured that older adults who live on their own live healthily and happily with in their independence.

With Lively's new stylish and easy-to-use safety watch, 24/7 emergency response is just a single button push away. With its simple design, anyone can use it and stay safer from falls and emergencies.

Lively's smart home device provides family members and caregivers with insight when a loved one may need their help. It includes a new stylish safety watch that offers 24/7 help with the push of a button.

Lively's safety watch goes beyond typical emergency response products by providing intelligent medication reminders, daily step counting and more.

Kokomo Healthcare is pleased to be distributing Lively in the UK. Kokomo is a healthcare consultancy with specialist expertise in the emerging area of Connected Health. We provide advice, support, and training to technology multinationals, telecommunications corporations, medical companies, and national health authorities.

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33 Annavilla Ranelagh , Dublin 6 Ireland


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