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Voyage Care Yorkshire & Humber


  • We will work with you to produce a plan of how we will support you, called an Individual Service Agreement.
  • We charge an hourly rate for the support we provide.
  • You can pay for your support using an Individual Budget payment, if you receive one.
  • We can support you to find out how to access the money you are entitled to, which may include housing benefit. If you want we can also support you to manage your money, work out a budget and pay your bills.
  • Each local authority has its own way of organising Individual Budgets, your care manager will be able to give you more details.
  • As well as paying people to support you, you can use your money to:
  • Take part in activities
  • Buy equipment to make it easier for you to live in your home
  • Pay for a holiday rather than using respite care
  • Pay for things to keep you fit, such as gym membership
  • Pay for people to help you look after your home, such as gardeners or window cleaners