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Combat loneliness / social exclusion


4 Ways to Combat Loneliness

There are many difficult moments in life. The fact of experiencing loneliness, without the company nor the support of a loved one is a difficult experience we all went at one time or another in our lives. Loneliness is not exactly to be alone, that’s a minor problem, since many women need to be alone. What’s really hard is to feel alone while being surrounded by many people. Solitude is not actually related to the absence of significant people in our lives. When for any reasons, we feel alone, because nobody understands us, because the conditions that are expected of life are not there, everything seems to have no meaning. What to do?.

I feel alone and sad. What to do?

A person who does not have the opportunity to be connected to another, that is to say or to listen, get sick more often. It is better to be in a network, compared to being alone. When we feel bad, it seems that loneliness is our number one enemy, but in reality, it is a step that you can take to get out stronger. I know it’s easy to give advice, while the reality in your interior is very painful and you are in a bad way.

When loneliness is unbearable, this is where we must be realistic and realize that we need a personal confidant who can give us the proper orientation and encourage us.

4 ways to combat loneliness

Loneliness can affect all of us at various times and in various ways. Whether it’s a fleeting feeling or a constant state of isolation, here are four ways to fight it.

Avoid isolating yourself

When we feel lonely, it is not necessarily easy to interact with others, but staying alone will only aggravate the problem. Loneliness is the result of discomfort to get up close to people, adding that it is even more powerful when you have a poor image of yourself; then one is afraid of being exposed and that others do not like what they discover about them.

Join a group

Even if it’s the last thing, you should join a group of people who share your interests, be it a book club, a sports team, a choir or group amateur gardeners. When we join a group whose activity means something to you, there are chances that it brings out the best of what we are. And when you’re having fun doing what we do, we feel a connection to others because we have something in common with them.


Demystifying loneliness. The more we learn about loneliness and we discover how common it is, the less one feels alone. It’s hard to feel isolated, but it feels even more when someone does not understand your problem and that leads to be alone and suffer.

Ask for support

The act of talking about your problem to someone, be it a friend, a family member or therapist can change many things. It’s a huge challenge, but it’s the best thing a person can do to heal. When we maintain a low self-esteem, that is the when we need it the most to hear another point of view, that of a person who tells you your importance and boost your self esteem.