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How great are my son's PA's?


My son Joe has had a personal budget for 7 years and he has the most wonderful staff team in the world.

"It felt like they were here just because it was a job for them. You've got no privacy... no dignity left. Altogether it weren't nice. I used to dread it when it was time for them to come because you didn't know who was coming. Then you have to explain yourself and why you're in this position. It's degrading really. One minute I got so annoyed I said 'I'm going to put a piece of cardboard around my neck saying that the bottom doesn't work but the top does'."

How do I know they are wonderful? Well the other day they were supporting him in a training session. Now Joe likes to tie pieces of string together and loves bobbles and those silly straps they put inside your tops to help hang them up. All the team do their best to keep his 'twiddles' at a minimum as they litterally drive him mad.

This day however, Tracey was wearing a top with some ties on the front. Joe was adament he would have them. In a truly personalised way Tracey nipped to the loo and turned her top back to front and put her cardy on. Joe could then get on with the task in hand and not be distracted.

Not many people would do this - but Joe's staff team constantly work out the best ways to support him to live a good life. What more could we ask for?