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Pat's Carephone helps him keep safe


Pat has lived in Heckmondwike for around 50 years. He has 2 sons and a daughter who all live close to him and 5 grandchildren.

His wife Eileen lived in a care home during her last years. Over their life together they both spent time looking after each other. For the last 8 years Pat has had a carephone, which he's found an invaluable help for him. He has a carephone and pendent, which helps him call for help whenever he might need it. He also has a smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector all linked to the service. Pat said "It's been a good friend to me has this machine".

"I've had mini strokes and I used it then. The ambulance was outside in 10 minutes. And I've used it on a couple of occasions when I was unwell; again it was 10 minutes to get help. The ambulance packed my bag and took me to hospital and the Carephone Service contacted my daughter."

Pat can't speak highly enough of the service and praised the people who came to fit the carephone.

The Carephone Service contacted the Police Crime Reduction Officer who arranged for a security check of the premises, making sure the windows were safe and installing security lighting outside. They also contacted the Fire and Rescue Service who went around and did a fire safety check too.

Kirklees Shared Stories - Pat from shop4support on Vimeo.